Newborn Concealed Button Adjustable Cloth Diapers


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Product information:

Applicable age: 0-3 months

Applicable population: Unlimited

Inner layer: TPU waterproof membrane, waterproof and breathable

Basic structure and instructions for use:

1. This product is designed and constructed by three layers. The inner surface of the outer layer (surface cloth) has a composite elastic waterproof TPU membrane, which has high elasticity and tensile strength, good softness, can be washed for many times without deformation and damage, and has waterproof and breathable function to prevent baby’s urine leakage

2. There is no inner layer (lining). It can be used directly in summer. It can be put into the mat for better ventilation.

3. The inner cloth of the diaper has a back waist opening, and the water absorbing pad can be put inside. When the baby is active, the pad will not run out. It can easily take out the water absorbing diaper and the diaper to wash and dry separately, greatly reducing the drying time

4. The soft leg frame is elastic and tight to prevent side leakage of urine

5. There are multi-level adjustment buttons on the waist and front piece, which can easily adjust different sizes and greatly improve the service life

6. The conventional styles are basically in stock. If the stock is insufficient, the replenishment will be quick.


this baby is only for the price of the cover, not including diapers / pads. It is recommended to use it together

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 40 cm

EF115 style, EF170 style, EF193 style, EF203 style, EF208 style, EF240 style, EF260 style, EF47 style

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