Baby Bottle Warmer Outdoor Portable Portable Milk Warmer


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Product information:

Purpose: Heating of baby bottles

Power: 10 (W)

Model: Velcro bottle warmer

Item No.: Car Charging Milk Warmer

Color: Car cigar head+DC

Product name: Removable USB breast warmer

Voltage: DC5V Current: 2A Power: 10W

Service life: normal use ≥10000 hours

Product size: 7.0*7.0*12.0cm (not counting the length of the belt)

USB cable length: 80CM

Product packaging: Color box (8*7.2*13.5cm)

Packing specification: 32 boxes/carton (outer box size: 33.5*33.5*29.5cm)

Product features: Available for car, home, and outdoor power banks. The constant temperature is 40 degrees to ensure safe drinking. It has a handle for easy carrying. Velcro can adjust the size of the bottle warmer. It can be used for 5-8CM diameter bottles

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 140 cm

Car cigar head

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