Baby baby strap baby carrier


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Strap function: chest type, kangaroo type, back type

Maximum load: 15kg

size: one size

Color: khaki, red, 

Material: 100% polyester + Meitong

Back method:

1, pro-chest – (about 3-18 months)

2, chest-style cloak – (about 3-18 months)

3, kangaroo type – (three months later)

4, back type – (baby after 6 months)

5, back cloak style – (baby after 6 months)

6, feeding type – (3-10 months baby)

7, adjustable shoulder strap – easy to adjust the shoulder strap gives you the greatest comfort

8, foldable head cushion, so that newborn baby can sit more comfortable

9, flexible configuration, easy to unfold the strap

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 420 × 160 × 80 cm

Beige, Red, Wine red

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